Contact can be made via the 'Contact Us link below if you have questions.

The Shed is located at 12 - 14 Gormley Drive off Summerleas Road, Kingston, Tasmania, on what used to be the Riding for the Disabled site. See the map on the Contact Us page.

Members can use the resources of the Shed to do their own thing, making or repairing things for themselves.

However, the great majority of members seem happiest as part of a group working on a project that helps to raise funds for the Shed.

Probably the most valuable resource we can offer is the tiny tea/coffee and biscuits bar in a corner of the Shed adjacent to a large table and half a dozen or so plastic garden chairs.

If he so wishes, a bloke can park himself there and just watch what’s happening – there are never any complaints provided he doesn’t scoff too many biscuits.

Members sitting at the table can vary in age from 40 to 90, although the average would be in the late sixties.

Knowledge and experience are shared, information exchanged, jokes told, and, when necessary, support and encouragement provided.

All the world’s problems are frequently solved here, usually in several different and conflicting ways.

We are always ready to welcome new members. Contact Us to find out how.

Kingston Men's Shed is open Monday – Thursday from 9am to 12.00pm.